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The Ultimate Outdoor Florida Room
By Carol Tisch

People who live in paradise stay in paradise, especially if their little bit of heaven is in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Here, great golf courses and incomparable beaches are key factors in an ever-increasing passion for home owners to stay home and beautify our outdoor living spaces. …

One of the most innovative and trend-setting sources of outdoor kitchens in the region is Elite Outdoor Kitchen and Design Center in Sarasota. …



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Elite Outdoor Kitchens & Design
By Jennifer Briggs

The Ultimate Experience in Outdoor Living!

Being outdoors is part of our lifestyle, and what better way to spend a relaxing weekend than having hors d’oeuvres or barbeque made in a beautiful kitchen on your outside patio! “Elite Outdoor Kitchens and Design can create this outdoor experience and lifestyle for you,” says Rita Pogany, co-owner of the company for the last four years.

“We design and manufacture kitchens that complement your lifestyle and create an extension of your indoor living space,” explains Rita. “We offer outdoor kitchens, bars, and fireplaces that are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, and last a life time. Our customers are pleased that we can provide appliances in our designing and installation process, as well.” …